A large number of steel scrap cake pressing machine, iron pin cake pressing machine


A large number of steel scrap cake presses, iron pin cake presses, most users are not very familiar with metal scraps, so that they cannot achieve perfect results in production applications, and even say that some users do not understand the basic performance of metal scraps. , The steel cutting briquetting machine is an exclusive model of the metal briquetting machine. Through large pressure, various iron filings are pressed into 3·7kg high-density briquettes to achieve recycling. the goal of. Iron filings directly into the furnace for recycling are prone to many problems, which are manifested as: casting companies reduce the production costs of production enterprises through the use of iron filings and greatly improve their market competitiveness.

1. La nature des déchets de fonte est petite et lâche, et elle bloquera sérieusement l'espace entre les blocs de matériau, c'est-à-dire le canal montant du gaz du four, ce qui affecte directement le processus de fusion;

2. When the furnace gas is large, the iron filings will be blown away by the hot air, and the loss of raw materials will cause the (iron) water rate to be extremely low;

3. The loose steel scraps without briquetting are extremely easy to float on the furnace lining and corrode the furnace lining;

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